Building a Website

Building a website is important to any business. However, not all website designers are the same. Many claim to know and understand digital marketing but most really do not at all. Getting the right web designer is important to your overall marketing campaign. There is no “If you build it they will come”. You have to build and then build it up and brand it out to get visitors, leads and phone calls.

To begin we will have a kick-off meeting. During this meeting, you should have some websites in mind that you like. These sites don’t even have to be in your niche but just some color options and layouts that you like. There are, of course, something that we simply don’t want to do which would ruin the site’s speed. However, most designs don’t include such things any longer, as more and more designers are aware that website speed is a factor in your ranking.

During this meeting, we will ask some questions as well. Things such as how you’d like to your leads to communicate with you. Not everyone likes to call on the phone, so maybe an online chatbox would be helpful or a signup button. There are all kinds of different ways to gather your leads and this should be something that you’re comfortable with using.

The Website Gets Built

We will give you an estimated lead time to when it will be complete. This is the phase that really just takes the designers some time and effort to complete. Here we will put together all the working components of your website and add the final touches. We work with each website diligently to get it to completion quickly but without error.

Our entire team will quality control your site

Once your website is completely built we have our team look at the site to ensure we haven't missed anything. This is an important step as there are many components that go into building a website. There is also a lot of coding that needs to be done to ensure it is ready for ranking as well. If this site is taking over an old site you will see your rankings affected. After all, this will have all-new material and structure so there might be some of what we call Google Dancing. This is when Google is trying to decide what position is best for you.

Set up the site for Google

Finally, we will put all the coding and final touches that will make Google happy. The goal is to build an amazing website that offers a great function for your potential clients. But, we want it to rank in Google as well. This phase is when we give it, it's final touches.

Once your website is complete and launched we will have you take a look at it and do any final adjustments. This is the final phase of the website and where we will say it's complete. Whether you decided to have a blog or not will be something you would have done in the first meeting. If you had decided to go ahead with a blog, we will also discuss what to write about for your blog as well.

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